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Expansion Tectonics

The earth is definitely expanding or growing. The most obvious evidence is from the seafloor ages as described by the National Geophysical Data Center and NOAA Satellite and Information Service ( It is easy to see that expansion happening all over the globe in all directions. Plate tectonics says that the Pacific is "different" in that the sea floor that is know to be growing is be eaten up (subducted) around the Pacific rim. The evidence for this is shaky at best.

There are many problem the current (and newer) plate tectonic theory cannot explain including the fact that when you take away the seabed floor piece by piece in reverse order of its age, that all the continents fit together with little or no modification. "Expansion" tectonics is now going through a renaissance with many geologists around the world looking towards expansion tectonics for predicting where new oil fields are located, and where and when earthquakes will happen.

The biggest questions people have are two-fold with expansion tectonics: 1) what is causing the expansion, 2) where did the water come from and why wouldn't the earth be all covered in water 200 million years ago when the planet was smaller.

Although there are numerous theories as to why mass expands, one particular hypothesis is actually quite easy to follow. The earth's core is a nuclear furnace like the Sun's and it was a critical mass attained in this thermal nuclear reaction around 200 million years ago that started to increase the volume of the earth's core, cracking and expanding the continent shell resulting in the new seafloor and seafloor ages we see on the NOAA map.

Being a core like the sun, there are well-known processes make larger and large atoms with immense heat and pressure inside the earth. Water, methane, and oil are produced inside the earth over time so there was less water 200 million years ago and lots of shallow lakes. This solves the big problem with plate tectonics of where water came from on earth - not from comets (which some say are fiery), but from within. Oil by many is now considered to be most all produced from inside the earth, and not from fossils (which account for only a small part of oil).

Finally, expansion tectonics explains the "moving" of the South Pole very cleanly (see Its position is well known during the last 200 million + years and can easily be explained by an expanding earth.

Scientists (86)

Dennis J. McCarthy
Research Scientist
Interests: Growing Earth, Geophysics, Biogeography

Nationality: USA
Books: 2
Abstracts: 5
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Prof. Karl W. Luckert
Interests: Expanding Earth

Nationality: German
Books: 1
Abstracts: 2
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Ramin Amirmardfar
Interests: Bio-evolution

Nationality: Iranian
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Adams, Neal
Adams, Robert G.
Amirmardfar, Ramin
Baskoutas, S.
Berends, Ben
Blinov, V. F.
Bridges, Luther Wadsworth
Brunnschweiler, Rudolph Oskar
Burrett, Clive F.
Carey, Samuel Warren
Chudinov, Yury V.
Ciechanowicz, Stanislaw
Collins, Lorence G.
Cox, Allan V.
Davidson, John K.
De Hilster, David Scott
Doell, Richard R.
Dooley, John C.
Ebach, Malte C.
Egyed, L?szl?
Ellsmore, Cyril
Endersbee, Lance A.
Eyged, L.
Findlay, Don
Ford, David
Gert, Emil
Glikson, A. Y.
Gorai, Masao
Gottfried, Rudolf
Heezen, Bruce Charles
Herndon, J. Marvin
Hilgenberg, Ott Christoph
Hohenberger, William R.
Hoshino, Michihei
Hunt, Warren
Hurrell, Stephen W.
Iraci, Andrew D.
Jacob, Karl Heinz
Jamrozik, Leszek
Jannussis, Asterios
Keindl, Joseph
Kenyon, Neil H.
King, Lester Charles
Kokus, Martin
Koziar, Jan
Krause, W.
Kremp, Gerhard Otto Wilhelm
Lavecchia, Giusy
Lester, Matthew David
Luckert, Karl W.
Marinov, Stefan
Masters, Roy W.
Maxlow, James
McCarthy, Dennis J.
Moody, Richard
Mundy, Bill
Neiman, V. B.
Noel, David
Ollier, Cliff
Owen, Hugh G.
Paparodopoulos, Alexandros
Pfeufer, Johannes
Pogosyan, George S.
Pratt, David
Scalera, Giancarlo
Shea, Michael
Shen, Wen-Bin
Shields, Oakley
Smoot, N. Christian
Sohn, Youngsinn
Steiner, J.
Stoppa, Francesco G. M.
Taylor, Kevin J.
Taylor, Matthew J.
Tharp, Marie
Twiss, Frank
Vallier, Tracy L.
van Andel, Steven Isa?cs
Vern, Nicolaus
Vinitsky, S. I.
Vogel, Klaus A.
Wezel, Forese Carlo
Wheeler, John
Wilson, Robin
Wolf, Carl
Wsol, John P.

Books (35)
The Spacing of Planets: The Solution to a 400-Year Mystery

by Alexander A. Scarborough

Pages: 136
Publisher: Authors Choice Press
Year: 1996/2000

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The Growing and Developing Earth

by Dr. Vedat Shehu

Pages: 218
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing
Year: 2005

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A Philosophy of the Expanding Earth and Universe
     (1985) by Samuel Warren Carey, 127 pages, Published by Hobart, Rev. Edition
A Test of Earth Expansion Hypotheses by Means of Palaeomagnetic Data
     (1968) by Steven Isa?cs van Andel, 103 pages, Published by V. R. B. (Kleine der A 4)
Atlas of Continental Displacement, 200 Million Years to the Present
     (1984) by Dr. Hugh G. Owen, 170 pages, Published by Cambridge University Press
Biogeography in a Changing World
     (2007) by Malte C. Ebach (Editor), 212 pages, Published by CRC Press
Crustal development and sea level : with special reference to the geological development of southwest Japan and adjacent seas
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Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth - Second edition (ebook)
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Earth, Universe, Cosmos
     (2000) by Samuel Warren Carey, 258 pages, Published by School of Earth Sciences, University of Tasmania
Education Concept of Earths Expansion: Main Grounds, Space-Geodetic and Paleomagnetic Evidence, Metallogenic Consequences
     (1999) by Yury V. Chudinov, 166 pages, Published by Brill Academic Publishers
Expanding Earth, Or Natural Catastrophism
     (1991) by Cyril Ellsmore, 203 pages, Published by Cetos Publishing
Fuels: A New Theory (Second Edition)
     (1975) by Alexander A. Scarborough, 3 pages, Published by Alex A. Scarborough
Global Eduction Tectonics of the Expanding Earth
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Here Be Dragons / How the study of animal and plant distributions revolutionized our views of life and Earth
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Is Planet Earth Expanding?
     (1991) by Richard W. Guy, 54 pages, Published by Institute of the Expanding Earth
Is the Earth Expanding (Dehnt sich die erde aus?)
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Nuteeriat: Nut Trees, the Expanding Earth, Rottnest Island, and All That
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Terra non Firma Earth
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The Spacing of Planets: The Solution to a 400-Year Mystery
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Theories of the Earth and Universe: A History of Dogma in the Earth Sciences
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Voyage of Discovery: A History of Ideas About the Earth with a New Understanding of the Global Resources of Water and Petroleum and the Problems of Climate Change
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Wandering Continents and Spreading Sea-floors on an Expanding Earth
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Why the Expanding Earth?
     (2003) by Dr. Giancarlo Scalera, Karl-Heinz Jacob (Editor), 465 pages, Published by Published by INGV Publisher

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