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Electric Universe
In 1903 Norwegian physicist Kristian Birkeland predicted auroral currents perpendicular to the earth's magnetic field. In the 1920s, Irving Langmuir studied the filamentary structure of electrical discharges, providing a foundation for modern plasma confinement. Both Birkeland currents and Langmuir sheaths revealed not only fundamentals related to electromagnetism, but also its significance in the dynamics of the solar system. Systematizing this knowledge, Hannes Alfv?n founded the science of magnetohydrodynamics in the 1940s, boldly claiming that the universe is predominantly composed of plasma, or electrically charged matter. From these foundations has emerged a large body of literature supporting the importance of electricity and magnetism in governing celestial bodies. For example, Anthony Peratt of Los Alamos Labs succeeded in simulating virtually every known galaxy type via electromagnetic models. Yet mainstream science remains fixated with gravitational models of the cosmos, regarding electromagnetic forces of secondary and inconsequential importance, despite the fact that they are stronger than gravitational forces by a factor of 1040.
Not only does the Electric Universe concept challenge conventional thinking about planetary interaction, but also the very structure of stars and planets. Mainstream science would have us accept a sun core at billions of degrees, somehow hot enough to sustain steady fusion reactions that have never been reproduced in the laboratory, whereas the electric sun model stresses the importance of lab-reproducible plasma currents throughout the solar system and beyond, providing the sustainable reactions that produce its known characteristics. Mainstream hot fusion models explain little about the relatively low temperature of the photosphere, the filamentary structure of sunspots, and the dominance of the sun's magnetic field. Moreover, mysterious features of many planets and moons can be readily explained in terms of electric potential gradients and plasma currents within and near planets. Geologic features like craters, canyons, and even mountain ranges have demonstrably similar characteristics with scarring damage resulting from abrupt electrical discharges. The Electric Universe model suggests that many features in our solar system may have occurred from massive interplanetary electrical discharges, perhaps even within recorded human history.
Among its most striking claims, the Electric Universe paradigm holds that comets, asteroids, and even planets are fundamentally alike, each possessing magnetic fields and auroras, but differing in size and distortion of the magnetic "tail". According to E. U., comets are simply asteroids with orbits eccentric enough to reveal the magnetic field, especially at perihelion. In contrast, asteroids and even planets maintain nearly circular orbits and therefore exhibit only auroras. Evidence from NASA data strongly supports the contention that the planet Venus was once a comet. Electric Universe models predict that close examination of actual comets will not reveal conventional "dirty snowballs" at all, but electrical storms of cosmic proportions. It's time that science stepped up to actually study comets at close range to determine the merit or demerit of these bold claims.

Scientists (43)

Prof. Bo Lehnert
Professor Emeritus of Physics
Interests: Plasma, Fusion, Electromagnetism

Nationality: Swedish
Books: 3
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Bob Duggins
IT Professional
Interests: Electric Universe, Superfood Nutrition

Nationality: US
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Auriana Marici
Writer, Quantum Healer, DNA Dancer
Interests: Biochemistry, Dna, Electric Universe

Nationality: USA
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Arnold, Christopher J.
Bender, Mark Liston
Bertin, Jesse
Bostick, Winston H.
Bruce, Charles E. R.
Cardona, Dwardu
Clube, Victor
Crew, Eric W.
de Grazia, Alfred
Duggins, Bob
Erney, Tim
Forth, Ron
Freund, Friedmann T.
Galeone, Ted
Gmirkin, Michael E.
Goodspeed, Michael
Hollo, Laurent
Jackson, David
Jarboe, Thomas R.
Johnson, Jim
Juergens, Ralph E.
K?rtvely?ssy, L?szl?
Krupa, Milan
Lehnert, Bo
Lerner, Eric J.
Lester, Matthew David
Mainwaring, Scott A.
Marici, Auriana
Milton, Richard
Moon, Robert J.
Napier, William M.
Otte, Andreas
Seward, Clint
Shea, Michael
Sheridan, Paul V.
Sohn, Youngsinn
Solomon, Robert D
Springer, Barry
Steinbacher, Michael Meade
Thornhill, Wallace
Velikovsky, Immanuel
Warren, Joshua P.
Wilson, Keith Paul

Books (19)
Electricity or Gravity: Which Rules the Universe?

by Wallace Thornhill

Publisher: Mikimar Publishing
Year: 2009

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Non-Equilibrium Systems and Irreversible Processes, Vol 4: Plasmas and Non-Equilibrium Electrodynamics

by Prof. Robert M. Kiehn

Pages: 416
Publisher: Lulu Enterprises
Year: 2004 / 2009

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     (2007) by Prof. Alfred Evert, 208 pages, Published by Books on Demand
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Electricity or Gravity: Which Rules the Universe?
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The Big Bang Never Happened: A Startling Refutation of the Dominant Theory of the Origin of the Universe
     (1992) by Eric J. Lerner, 496 pages, Published by Vintage
The Cosmic Pulse of Life: The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind UFOs
     (1976/1990/2008) by Trevor James Constable, 364 pages, Published by Book Tree
The Electric Sky: A Challenge to the Myths of Modern Astronomy
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The Electric Universe
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The Electric Universe
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The Energy Machine of T. Henry Moray: Zero-Point Energy and Pulsed Plasma Physics
     (2005) by Dr. Moray B. King, Dr. Thomas Henry Moray (Subject), 192 pages, Published by Adventures Unlimited Press
The Universe Electric, Vol. 1: Big Bang? eBook
     (2009) by Wallace Thornhill, 209 pages, Published by Mikimar Publishing
The Universe Electric, Vol. 2: Sun eBook
     (2009) by Wallace Thornhill, 118 pages, Published by Mikimar Publishing
The Universe Electric, Vol. 3: Comets ebook
     (2009) by Wallace Thornhill, 101 pages, Published by Mikimar Publishing
Thunderbolts of the Gods
     (2005) by David Talbott, Wallace Thornhill, 107 pages, Published by Mikamar Publishing
Unified Field Theory: Using Subjective Response to Psi-Plasma for Analysis of Properties, Neutral Charge, Plasma Fields. Research Book
     (1974/1987/1992) by Jerry G. Gallimore, 123 pages, Published by Health Research / Society of Metaphysicians Ltd.

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