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The Control of the Natural Forces

by: Frank J. Znidarsic Jr.

From event:
Video Conference The Control of the Natural Forces 2010-04-03

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Date: Saturday, April 3, 2010
Category: Lecture
Type: Video

Description: The electrical force has a convenient range and strength. This convenient range and strength has made the electromagnetic force easy to exploit. The strong nuclear force has a range measured in Fermis. The strong nuclear force has not been harnessed with classical technology. Its range is too short. The range of the weak nuclear force has also placed it beyond the reach of classical technology. The gravitational force is very weak. This weakness has made it impossible to control the gravitational force. A dielectric medium affects the range and the strength of the electrical force. It is commonly believed that no dielectric (di-forcefield ) exists for the other forces. It is assumed that the range and strength of the nuclear and gravitational forces will converge at high energies. These energies are beyond the reach of any conceivable technology. A low energy dielectric condition may exist in which the range and the strength, of all the natural forces, are affected. This condition is that of the quantum transition. This paper presents arguments that may have exposed the path of the quantum transition. This exposure may lead to the development of technology that converts matter directly into energy.
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